Wednesday, September 5, 2007

It's time to erradicate the institutions that control us!

Please everyone take the time to go to this website and watch this amazing documentary: It's amazingly powerful.

The documentary begins with how religion came about using historic explanations of how societies interpreted astrology, and how this became the advent for the major religions of today (except for the more recent scams like Scientology, Mormons, etc...).

Then part 2 discusses how 9/11 was perpetrated and funded by the U.S. Government. I'm sure you guys are familiar with Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 and the CBC's Fifth Estate Report, this documentary is so much more than either. As someone who went to New York and saw the World Trade Centre holes, the first thing I thought of was how 2 gigantic towers didn't cause any real surrounding damage.
Remember how when they found those guys a while back that "allegedly" were going to blow up the CN Tower (Bullshit!), well the comments were how much devastation that would cause in Toronto. Well what about the World Trade Centre, perfect take down, planned explosives, watch this movie!

Then part 3 discusses the formation of the U.S. Federal Bank and the creation of the U.S. itself after independence. I didn't know this but the U.S. Federal Bank is not regulated by the Government, despite it being the "National" bank, which prints and distributes the currency, not to mention has set inflation and interest rates!

I would say I'm fairly well informed and I was shocked at a lot of the facts in this documentary. The site listed above cites all the sources for their facts, so feel free to check up on the references if you have any doubts. We need to push this information out there so people become aware of the deceptions all around them, it's time to end the control over us all!

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