Thursday, September 13, 2007

LadyFest 2007 Update

Directly from the Ladyfest page, here is the update ticket info and schedule of events:

19+ pass = $35
Youth pass = $10
Available at:
Rotate this
Good for her

Or you can also purchase passes online through Paypal (account name =, which will then be available for pick-up at any Ladyfest events.


Venue: Tranzac, 7pm, 19+
$5-10 sliding scale

Featuring performances by:
Julie Doiron
Laura Barrett
LGBT Dance Club
Shameless Dames
Bianca Sidaravicius
Cry Rumble
Lisa Bozikovic
Meagan O'Shea
Shirin Yousefi


Venue: The Boat, 9pm, 19+

$5-10 sliding scale

Featuring music and spoken word by:
Masia One
Climbing PoeTree (from Brooklyn, NY)
Nolan Natasha Pike (of Scandalnavia)
Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
DJ Winnie

Venue: Brunswick Theatre, 7pm, ALL AGES
$5-10 sliding scale

Featuring a collection of short films by:
Micheline Durocher
Kim Kielhofner
Cara Spooner
Allie Caldwell
Sidrah Laldin
Freeshow Seymour: the films of Allyson Mitchell and Christina Zeidler


Venue: St. Stephen's, 11-7pm
Cost TBD

Shameless Magazine: Media Literacy Boot Camp
Daily Detox
Sex Work and Sex Worker Rights (18+)
Mission FATpossible! Fat Activism (women-identified people only)

Venue: Kapisanan Philipines Centre, 1pm, ALL AGES
Cost: $5

Featuring music, art and spoken word:
Rae Spoon
Forest City Lovers
Jen Crawford
Stacey May Fowles
Vivian Meyer
Meagan O'Shea
Maureen Da Silva
Ikbal Singh
Tamiko Winter
Nicole Stoffman

Venue: Brunswick Theatre, 7pm, 18+
$10-15 sliding scale

An evening of feminist smut, with films by:
Jesika Joy
Dirty Pillows
Jill Rosenberg
Burlesque from Miss Kitten

Venue: Sneaky Dee's, 9pm, 19+
$5-10 sliding scale

Featuring musical performances by:
Partyline (ex-Bratmobile)
Shitt Hott
Cougar Party
Cherie Pyne (from Newfoundland)
The Tennessee Twin (Mint records)
DJ Amanda


Venue: St. Stephen's, 12-6pm
Cost: $2

All day craft sale - featuring a wide variety of vendors!

And, workshops! Also at St. Stephen's, 11-7pm

Write at the Start (women-identified only)
Young Women's Crash Course in Getting it on (women-identified only)
Unpacking White Privilege: Becoming an Anti-Racist Ally
Trans 101
How to make it as a self-taught designer

Venue: Kensington market - during the afternoon as part of
PS Kensington

Performance art and music:
Ikbal Singh
Heather Mazhar
Lisa Marie

Venue: The Boat, 9pm, 19+
$5-10 sliding scale

Musical performances by:
Wendy Atkinson (K records, from Vancouver)
Weather Station
Alanna Stuart (of Bonjay)
DJs Carly's OK, Shae and Moist Fowlette

Between Ladyfest, Nuit Blanche, and two other art openings for friends of mine (will post about later)this is going to be a crazy, art-filled weekend! I'm grateful to be a part of it. Can't wait!

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