Monday, August 20, 2007

Women in Film

In August, I posted a video in which famous paintings of women morphed together. Well, thanks to a rare lazy day spent browsing, and of course,
Jezebel, where I found this, I have come across a second one, by the same guy, which now uses the faces of Hollywood femmes, past and present.

Many of the issues from the original video stay intact during this one. In fact, the few women of colour who appear in this short seem to have their skin colour completely washed out in the black and white photos used, which makes them morph/assimilate together with the white actresses with a lot more ease.


Cool technology, but unless these videos are intended to highlight the issues of the oppressive master narratives of the world, very creepy indeed.


David said...

Whatever the intention, it remains intrinsically creepy.

Electric Furr said...

I can see that...the morphing connection that seems to be made from their eyes is unsettling...