Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What the?!

This Just In over at Racialicious and Shakespeare's Sister:

"Canadian" As A Racial Slur

Is this for real? Not just some internet hoax of some disgusting proportion?

Well, I'll be damned...

and pretty pissed, too...I would prefer not to have my Canadian identity serve as a euphemism for a racial slur, its true form which shall NEVER see the light of day at this blog.

Now, my definition of a Canadian has always meant to encompass a wider variety of identificatons and histories. HOWEVER...hate-terms never really fell under my umbrella. As well, the implications for how it damages the diversity of who Canadians are and can be are disturbing...

The post at Shakes quotes a speculation that the use reflects a sense of "othering". I think too perhaps that the people who came up with it thought it'd make a good cover, thinking that no one would suspect the appropriated term of its new meaning. Good Old Canadians--you'd NEVER guess what I'm really talking about, eh *wink wink*!

I guess I'll just have to comfort myself with "maple syrup" and "Molson" while watching some "hockey". Who knows what I really meant in that last sentence.

I am offended on so many levels. Do NOT use my name to spew your hate.

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