Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Literary Release of BIG BIG SKY!

I am very excited to announce the release of my good friend Miss Kitty Galore, aka Kristyn Dunnion's latest novel. She has garnered rave reviews for her previous work in the Young Adult fiction category for 'Missing Matthew' and 'Mosh Pit', as well as various compilations she has contributed to. Hard-working, fun-loving, and my favourite, ass-kicking, Ms. Dunnion is offering the world her take on woman-identified apocalyptic science fiction. I love that shit!

From her own words:

Finally - you Canadians can get your hot little hands on a copy of BIG BIG SKY starting FEB 15th, 2008!

You non-Canadians can probably order it online starting then, too. Why wait for the big chain stores to suck it up?

If you like apocalyptic bedtime stories, anarchic fables, and futuristic, queer, female Assassin Warriors, then I'm pretty sure you'll like BIG BIG SKY. Give'r a read and tell me what you think. Seriously. I'm waiting .....


Order your copy now from any fine bookseller, especially maybe a local independent one, huh? Or a biggie, if that's all you got in your town. Or online ( if you're grounded. BIG BIG SKY is published by Red Deer Press and distributed by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. Ask nicely and your local hot public librarian will order it in and you can read it for free.

I have cool friends :)

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