Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In Her Own Words: Artist Talk

This is a supplementary post in regards to some work I reviewed at Ladyfest back in September. I featured an albeit blurry picture of a work by Nicole Stoffman, but didn't really talk about it. Nicole, however, has left a comment on the review that I would like to partially re-post here. It's always interesting to hear an artist speak of her own work, in her own words.

I'm sorry I don't have a better picture. But hopefully, we'll see her work around in various spaces soon.

Here's Nicole:

[Regarding]the two matching gold frames full of tourist postcards is another piece called, "Snail Mail: New York, Toronto". It is my answer to Toronto bashers everywhere. I spent 28 days in each city respectively (no reference to the menstrual cycle intended) writing a postcard home to my family (who live in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood) everyday. I discovered that while New York is endlessly fascinating, Toronto is a progressive urban utopia that encourages individual expression and is dense with the living arts. I familiarized myself with it's British heritage and appreciated the fact that although Toronto is a cosmopolis, it is still very close to nature. Although I have lived in Toronto my whole life, I found many new things to write home about. As you can see, the Toronto frame overflows.

Thanks, Nicole!

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