Wednesday, November 21, 2007

From the Inbox:

Two Events Coming up in Toronto, Ontario:

Number One:
Toronto Women's Bookstore Presents:

book launch for
Unleashing the Unpopular:
Talking About Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity in Education(Association for Childhood Education International)edited by Isabel Killoran and Karleen Pendleton-Jimenez

toronto women's bookstore
73 harbord st.
partially wheelchair accessible
free admission

This amazing new publication is a unique teacher education resource that strives to improve understanding of issues related to sexual orientation, gender diversity, and education, and how they affect students, teachers, schools, and the community. These narratives and essays are offered as an invitation to make room for the questions and discussion that will hopefully lead to more equitable communities. The authors discuss barriers to successfully supporting LGBT students, teachers, and parents; and explore the reasons behind action or inaction, the effects of not having supportive policy around LGBT issues, and possible solutions to the concerns.

Readings by...
Tonya Callaghan
Dale Callender
Hilary Cook
Carter Cook
John Guiney Yallop
Celia Haig-Brown
Didi Khayatt
Isabel Killoran
Karleen Pendleton Jimenez
janet romero-leiva

Number Two:
Searching for the Islamic Feminist: Religious arbitration in Ontario

Kseniya Zaika
Visiting Scholar, Centre for Feminist Research
State University Higher School of Economics - School of International Affairs, Moscow
Tabassum Ruby
Ph. D Student, School of Women Studies
York University, Toronto

Monday, 26 November 2007
201 Founders College
York University, Keele Campus

I, of course, will be writing essays and finishing my art projects for the semester crunch. Sigh.

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