Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bad posting habits...

I guess its more like "lack of posting habits..."

ah well, you see, its the dreaded month of March where EVERYTHING is due in the next two weeks, and a witch just doesn't have much time to poke her head out of the books and presses (unless, of course it is to procrastinate while supposedly doing research for one of two upcoming final essays...whoops).

I am looking forward to April like you wouldn't believe.

Some upcoming stuff though for future pontification:

-bought the divacup in attempt to be a little eco-fem friendly. Will review later this month, for the first time, whoo!
-took part in a feminist-inspired art show at Zacks Gallery at York (reception tomorrow night from 6 to 8pm! Be there, and later be drunk on complimentary wine!). Look for catalogue essay I'm writing to be out soon.
-my aging women project is almost complete! BIG BIG sigh of soon to be relief! I'm calling it "Auntie Hero(ine)s" and will be using this blog to discuss some of the issues that the characters I chose to depict brought up for me.
-and finally, READING FOR PLEASURE. My god/dess, how I've missed you so! Got a wonderful line-up of books, whetting my mental appetite...sweeeeet...

After all this is said and done, I get a summer to mentally relax while paying off some debts, then off to graduate school! Weeeeeee!

See ya soon.

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