Monday, July 16, 2007

Julie Doucet, Comic Witch

I love this witch:

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Plotte=Quebec pussy.
(Well, duh.)

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When I imagine myself with a dick, I can't help but wonder how anyone walks around with those things. But I'm not as creative as Ms. Doucet is. *Evil Grin*.

Julie Doucet is a Montreal-based illustrator/artist, whose comics have won Harvey awards, as well as seen the light of day in numerous countries. It's a shame that she had to stop making comics due to financial reasons, as her stories are brilliant, her humour wicked, and her drawings so crazy! Her work is FIERCE!

She's still publishing petits livres (artist books)for Drawn and Quarterly, though. And her previous work is still available. Check her (and other greats)out at:

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